Combat Photographers: The Bang Bang Club

So I saw this wicked awesome trailer for a new movie coming out this year.

The basic plot of  The Bang Bang Club revolves around the true life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa. I have always loved photojournalism, and this film seems like it has a thrilling story to tell. You can find more info on the movie on IMDB‘s page here.

I look forward to seeing this soon, and perhaps I’ll even write a little review about it when I do.



So, the first awesome snow of 2011 has hit us folks in Georgia. I’ve measured at least seven inches deep in my front yard!  Today I had a little snow walk and met some interesting friends along the way.

Over the Fence
This little dog was not used to such deep snow. I don’t think he was amused as I was.

Cold Shoulder
Many birds fought for a spot on the feeder. That little guy on the right didn’t receive a warm welcome.

Looks like this stuff will be here for quite a while. I intend to take more shots and see how the people of Georgia adapt to this southern, winter wonderland.

Jeff The Bridge

I cam across this lovely bridge in Jefferson, GA.

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This is probably my most complicated panorama yet. Although you see two bridges in this photo, in reality there is only one.


This shot is composed of two panoramas blended together. Each panorama is one side of the bridge. The lighting and tones seem to blend much better that I anticipated. I look forward to experimenting more with this technique.


Many times us camera folk find ourselves in places with great appeal and mystery; old bridges, abandoned houses, places of interest that prohibit trespassing. We often try to appreciate the beauty and mystery of these places, however the risks many times sway our motivation to capture their images. Often I have put the risks aside and went on my way taking shots, but there have been some close calls. I found a very compelling video that reminds me of the thrills we feel when we travel to our “photo-spots” as we try to stay hidden in the shadows.

Meet Steve Duncan; an urban historian/photographer. In “Undercity”, he shows us his appreciation for urban architecture and the changes its made throughout history. The problem is, these places aren’t in the safest places of access, so he must sneak past the security line to appreciate and share the beauty of the city. This video gives me the same chills I get on my dark, stealthy photo shoots. Not recommended by him that anyone tries this at home, but he certainly leaves some great tips.

Merry Christmas to All!

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and very merry Christmas! Also here is a little shout out from some cats at Lolcats!

Character Feed

I am starting a new segment (wow, long gap in posts). I all it Character Feed!  People are naturally my favorite subject in photography, and characters are the gems that I have the honor of capturing. What makes them a character? Well anything really. It could be their qualities (faults, talents, etc.) or any number of variables. Character Feed is my publication of characters that I photograph, whom spark my interest. So, here is our character this week.

This is Pat.
Pat is a cool guy. My dad and I met him over a ad. My dad (the bike mechanic) was purchasing and old Yamaha cruiser from him. Pat has great taste in motorcycles and is an amazing story teller. He also owns a chimney cleaning business (Allsafe Chimney & Handiman Service). If anyone has an amazing holiday spirit about them, Pat here is probably that person. Patrick Sternik is my character pick of the week.

Speed Jump

I have an addition to my skating album. I plan to keep working on my style with these in my spare time. A 14mm wide angle would look great for some of the stuff I’ve seen. Here is a panning shot of Michael from Duncan Creek Park.

Speed Jump

Now if I could just get my hands on a light kit.