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Journey to Old Car City USA

So my good friend Danielle told me about this place in White, GA called Old Car City USA.  It’s a huge property owned by a man named Dean Lewis and is full of old, junk cars dating back 50-60 years. Naturally, we thought this to be a fun way to spend a day and a good photo opportunity. I made a fun video showing the journey we took with a couple of our friends.

Here are some of the shots you’ll see in the video.

All in all, a really great adventure and fun way to spend the day. We are planning to go back very soon and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the property. Seriously, you probably wont cover all of it on your first visit. Go check it out! You can find the owner’s website with hours of operation here.


A Walk Inside Cartoon Network

A good friend of mine, David Holloway, works as one of the lead photographers in Turner‘s imaging department. He told me to come by the studio sometime and he would give me a tour of the work place, and Cartoon Network Studios as well! I wasn’t able to document everything I saw, but for the things I did record I put them in a little montage to share with you.


Just another awesome day in the life of a photographer. It feels awesome to know people like this!

Photo Phever

I’ve been on a bit of a photo fever these past few weeks. I have been shooting so much and I can’t get enough of it. Its exciting to feel this again and I’m loving it. Here are some of my favorite shots I’ve been working on.

kitty girl



To add to the fun shooting adventures I’ve had so far, I just put together a video testing out my new GoPro Hero 2 while I was shooting a wedding reception. The video is shot mostly in a first person perspective starring Kevin Groover and myself.

Combat Photographers: The Bang Bang Club

So I saw this wicked awesome trailer for a new movie coming out this year.

The basic plot of  The Bang Bang Club revolves around the true life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa. I have always loved photojournalism, and this film seems like it has a thrilling story to tell. You can find more info on the movie on IMDB‘s page here.

I look forward to seeing this soon, and perhaps I’ll even write a little review about it when I do.


Many times us camera folk find ourselves in places with great appeal and mystery; old bridges, abandoned houses, places of interest that prohibit trespassing. We often try to appreciate the beauty and mystery of these places, however the risks many times sway our motivation to capture their images. Often I have put the risks aside and went on my way taking shots, but there have been some close calls. I found a very compelling video that reminds me of the thrills we feel when we travel to our “photo-spots” as we try to stay hidden in the shadows.

Meet Steve Duncan; an urban historian/photographer. In “Undercity”, he shows us his appreciation for urban architecture and the changes its made throughout history. The problem is, these places aren’t in the safest places of access, so he must sneak past the security line to appreciate and share the beauty of the city. This video gives me the same chills I get on my dark, stealthy photo shoots. Not recommended by him that anyone tries this at home, but he certainly leaves some great tips.

Nat Geo’s Best Micro-Photos of 2010

I always like to browse websites like National Geographic and check their “photo of the day” sections, and it seems I have found an amazing album on their website. They have collected their favorite micro-photos of 2010 and placed them in a small slideshow. These images are simply mesmerizing. My favorite one is shown below

Image courtesy Gerd Guenther, Nikon Small World

“Rub-a-dub-dub, 16 bubbles on a microscope slide: These psychedelic orbs are tiny circles of soap film, photographed with simple lighting and 150-power magnification.

Many microphotography pictures use heavy-duty polarization or fluorescence to achieve a unique look, but Gerd Guenther, of Düsseldorf, Germany, captured this picture with “bright field” lighting: the straightforward, light-from-beneath method familiar from high school microscopes.”

For those of you that love macro (like myself), but don’t have a DSLR, here is a helpful video hosted by Mark Thiessen with some simple tips of the ways of macro photography.

Light Warfare

I  found another cool lightpainting video on youtube. These guys actually made a min-action scene with flashlights. A nice mixture of stop-motion and painting with light.