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“Home” A New Series

I have been doing some exploring in my free time lately. Kind of getting back to the roots of what I used to do in my early years of college. Finding old, abandoned homes and exploring the interior. Some of the houses, inside and out, have this essence. Like there is a story behind everything and only the house is left standing to tell it. So, I’m starting  a new series called “Home”. The series will consist of images portraying whatever history the structures have lived through, while maybe giving us small insight to tell a story of  what happened. Here is an example below of one of the first images in the series.

(Unfinished Version)


Combat Photographers: The Bang Bang Club

So I saw this wicked awesome trailer for a new movie coming out this year.

The basic plot of  The Bang Bang Club revolves around the true life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa. I have always loved photojournalism, and this film seems like it has a thrilling story to tell. You can find more info on the movie on IMDB‘s page here.

I look forward to seeing this soon, and perhaps I’ll even write a little review about it when I do.

Flickr Update

I have uploaded three new pictures to my Flickr. All have a photojournalism theme. I am happy with how each picture turned out.

Some guys skating at the park in Duncan Creek Park. Occasionally I stop by there and find someone with some real talent.

Mr. Sam
My good friend’s dad, Mr. Sam. He is a talented musician and band leader. He invited me to hear his guitar play and I took that opportunity to get some shots of this character.

Kyle & Matt
These are two songwriters (Kyle and Matt) I met in Atlantic station. They often come to this spot for a peaceful place to work on their music.

I guess I’m also happy with theses images because all I had to do was travel. If ever I felt bored, I just went driving somewhere and found these moments and these characters to photograph. It feels good to find moments like these.

Lu Guang Wins National Geographic Photography Grant

“Photographer Lu Guang of Beijing has won National Geographic magazine’s $30,000 photography grant to support his ongoing project about the environmental consequences of China’s rapid economic growth, the publisher announced on May 27.”

I saw this article on PDN. I am actually really happy for this guy because I’m glad someone has finally displayed how polluted China really is. I hope Mr. Guang goes far with his photographs. He really knows how to bring a message with these images. I recommend you check out his work and read the article above.

Photographers in Haiti Struggle

As most of you know, the earthquake that struck Haiti (7.3 on the Richter scale) has had a huge effect on everyone caught in this disaster. The aftermath isn’t pretty. Even the photojournalists covering the story are struggling with several challenges such as food and water supply. There is an article on PDN discussing the shortages of fuel, water and food photographers in Haiti are facing.  It is such a horrible fate many families have suffered.

“Great photographers from all over the world are here and most of them arrived within 24 hours, with folks still trickling in,” says says Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell, who won a Pulitzer last year for his coverage of Hurricane Ike in 2008 that devastated Haiti. “None of the news agencies seem to be guarding their wallets on this situation, which I believe is so important, no amount of coverage could be enough.”

The full article can be found here.

My Photo Essay

Yesterday we had our final critique in our photojournalism class. Our final assignment was to create a photo essay. Using pictures and some video to tell a story. My essay was on the Mulberry Baptist Association and their efforts to help the struggling families in these touch economic times.

The shoot was a lot of fun, and I met some really great people. Its nice to know struggling families have someone looking out for them. Special thanks go out to Tommy Fountain (Associational Missionary Evangelist), Valorie Bruce (Ministry Assistant) and all of the workers of MBA.

First Wedding

Saturday, Amy and I shot our first wedding. I must say as skeptical as I was, I actually enjoyed shooting this wedding. It was a great experience to feel all of the energy in the room and see such a wonderful event take place. Our clients were very pleased with our time and effort. I value this experience and look forward to using what I’ve learned for my next wedding shoot.