Many times us camera folk find ourselves in places with great appeal and mystery; old bridges, abandoned houses, places of interest that prohibit trespassing. We often try to appreciate the beauty and mystery of these places, however the risks many times sway our motivation to capture their images. Often I have put the risks aside and went on my way taking shots, but there have been some close calls. I found a very compelling video that reminds me of the thrills we feel when we travel to our “photo-spots” as we try to stay hidden in the shadows.

Meet Steve Duncan; an urban historian/photographer. In “Undercity”, he shows us his appreciation for urban architecture and the changes its made throughout history. The problem is, these places aren’t in the safest places of access, so he must sneak past the security line to appreciate and share the beauty of the city. This video gives me the same chills I get on my dark, stealthy photo shoots. Not recommended by him that anyone tries this at home, but he certainly leaves some great tips.


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I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

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