Character Feed

I am starting a new segment (wow, long gap in posts). I all it Character Feed!  People are naturally my favorite subject in photography, and characters are the gems that I have the honor of capturing. What makes them a character? Well anything really. It could be their qualities (faults, talents, etc.) or any number of variables. Character Feed is my publication of characters that I photograph, whom spark my interest. So, here is our character this week.

This is Pat.
Pat is a cool guy. My dad and I met him over a ad. My dad (the bike mechanic) was purchasing and old Yamaha cruiser from him. Pat has great taste in motorcycles and is an amazing story teller. He also owns a chimney cleaning business (Allsafe Chimney & Handiman Service). If anyone has an amazing holiday spirit about them, Pat here is probably that person. Patrick Sternik is my character pick of the week.


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I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

One response to “Character Feed”

  1. Ana Doemland says :

    This is a great photo, Twitty.

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