Red Lantern

This has been a very productive week. I’ve got my images printed for next week’s “portfolio invitation image voting”, and I took a commercial shot of this antique lantern that I simply adore.

Red Lantern

I was shooting this at sunset with a big dark cloud covering the light. Suddenly a small window opened up in the sky and I had about 2 minutes of light. I shot as much as I could. What really excited me about this shot was the Canon 7D. Amy upgraded to a 7D a few days ago and she gave me the opportunity to shoot with it. Simply the best experience with a camera I’ve had in a while. I am pretty much sold as to what I’m upgrading to next.

Anyway, busy week, got a lot done, and I’m happy with the results. A great conclusion to this week. I hope everyone has a fun weekend!


About twittay

I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

One response to “Red Lantern”

  1. photographyfree4all says :

    This is a greta shot! I love the color.

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