An Update on Life

Well I haven’t posted anything in a while, so what better way to break that chain of silence, with and update on life and a good ole fashioned photo of the day! First of all, this quarter at school is our final and most important quarter. We are finalizing all of our best work and assembling our portfolios (which ultimately will be displayed in an art gallery for two months). Tomorrow is my portfolio review, so hopefully I will have a few new images selected for my sections. I will also be giving a pitch to my instructors about my specialized study I wish to include in my portfolio. I think of myself as a better photographer than a salesman, so hopefully this pitch will end well.

Aside from printing my current works for my folio, apparently I’ve been at work  in my sleep with a new photo.

NY Concept
I don’t remember much about what moved me to start work on this photo. I woke up and there it was in front of me on my screen. For all I know, its the start to a cyberpunk concept of New York. Who knows?

Finally lets end this healthy update with a Photo of the Day brought to us by National Geographic.

Photographed by Jis Jose

Oh, before I forget, I am finally now interning with fashion photographer Danny Acres. He is very talented with portraits and creative lighting so I’m hoping to learn a great deal from his style. I will be posting news weekly of my progress in this internship and who knows? Perhaps I’ll find myself on a few adventures to share also!


About twittay

I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

2 responses to “An Update on Life”

  1. photographyfree4all says :

    Loved these shots! Great job!

  2. Ana Doemland says :

    Wow. The one of the Statue of Liberty is… unique. I love it

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