An Amazing Opportunity

For those of you that do not know, NASA soon will no longer be continuing their space shuttle program of exploration. The very last shuttle launch will be on May 31, 2010. I’ve always loved shots taken of these shuttles blasting off into the sky. What an opportunity it would be to witness such a spectacular sight and capture it forever. Well, as it turns out, Katie Darby (graduate from Gwinnett Tech’s Commercial Photography program) has been down in Florida and photographed the final night launch of NASA’s STS 130. I found her shot taken in my local newspaper, and I had to post about it. You can also find a few more photos on her blog.

Congratulations Kaite on such spectacular shots! I love them.


About twittay

I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

3 responses to “An Amazing Opportunity”

  1. Katie says :

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. nabphotos says :

    I agree! totally amazing shot. I may just have to head down for the final lift off in May. You and Coop should come down. I’ve never seen one in person. It would be an experience like no other fo-sure!!!

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