Eyal Landesman Sells Prints from Stop-Motion Video

The video above is a stop-motion music video made by Eyal Landesman. Many of you have seen this video before, but if you haven’t, I recommend you watch it before reading further.

I found an article (located here) discussing some recent news on Landesman’s video. As it turns out, the photographer is selling the stills from the video. “…the music video strings together 2,096 photos by Landesman, each of which is now on sale for $250 per print.” The photos are currently on display at the Space F2/Bergamot gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Also, the video has been nominated for a Grammy for best “Short Form Music Video”.

Thats over a week-old news, but still…thats pretty awesome. I am always thrilled to see great ideas like this succeed when brought out into the world.


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