Ultimate Update

Well I feel rather bad for not updating my blog enough, but I’m finally back into the swing of my work flow. The past week I was sick with asthmatic bronchitis. I am 99% better now. Anyway, today was a great day and I saw fit to be prime time for a blog update. Today was day group’s food shoot with the culinary students of Gwinnett Tech. Since I was sick and unable to attend last week’s class, I was assigned to the next available cook for the shoot. Carlien Taljaard cooked a lovely strawberry pie for a southern themed shot. After a patient cooking process and scene set up, this was the basic turnout of the shot. I am pleased with it.

Today’s critique was very enlightening. A print for our portfolio’s section A (color, black and white etc.) was due. I was really excited to find that my print is ready to go into my portfolio book! The image below is one of several that will be in my portfolio’s section A.

So all in all, a great day. I am psyched to print some more tomorrow and get more stuff done! I feel pretty productive and motivated.


About twittay

I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

5 responses to “Ultimate Update”

  1. Ana Doemland says :

    i envy both of these

  2. amyandoe says :

    I have officially shunned you for the next thirty seconds….and the thirty seconds after you read this.

    I’m good now.

  3. Brittany Roy Photography says :

    These images are both really good!! you did a great job!!

  4. Riana says :

    Great photograph of the Strawberry pie!!! It looks delicious! Yum Yum!!

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