Spot News

Yesterday on the way home I was passing through Hamilton Mill and noticed there was a car crash up ahead. I immediately turned into a gas station, grabbed my camera and started shooting. Apparently two teenage girls pulled out of a lane and were hit by a care from the side. The crash was fortunately right in front of a fire station. A couple of family members showed up at the crash sight.


The good news is no lives were lost, or seriously injured. I spoke with a woman who ran across the street. She said, and I quote, “They are all shaken but they are fine. It just sucks to be in a car crash.” I was certain someone would try to prevent me from taking these shots, but the only time I heard “Stop taking pictures!” was some random guy driving by. Today is a good time to be thankful for many things and I am thankful everyone made it out of their vehicles alive. I wish everyone safe driving to their families today and a happy Thanksgiving.


About twittay

I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

3 responses to “Spot News”

  1. cooperricketts says :

    Cool shot man and happy thanksgiving to you too

  2. William Keeter says :

    Great shot Twitty, keep bringing awesome photos!

  3. Megan says :

    This is great, really captures the emotions of the scene. kudos.

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