Flickr Update

I have added a new image to my Flickr account. I have titled this work, Sky Radio.


Another one of those ideas that just came to mind. I am still tossing a few ideas and last touches around.

On another piece of news, last night was my first shift for Holiday Portraits. I worked from 6-8 pm with Cooper and Brittany. I honestly was nervous about the shoot but it was actually fun. Amy brought her baby Danica to the shoot and that was just an adorable blast. You can find the shots on her blog. The shoots went smoothly and closing everything down went well too. It was a team effort so I thank Cooper, Brittany and Amy. Keep up the good work everyone!


About twittay

I am a camera man seeking adventure every day. I love photography, burgers, Doctor Who and Canon cameras.

One response to “Flickr Update”

  1. furthurmoe says :

    pretty cool!

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