Journey to Old Car City USA

So my good friend Danielle told me about this place in White, GA called Old Car City USA.  It’s a huge property owned by a man named Dean Lewis and is full of old, junk cars dating back 50-60 years. Naturally, we thought this to be a fun way to spend a day and a good photo opportunity. I made a fun video showing the journey we took with a couple of our friends.

Here are some of the shots you’ll see in the video.

All in all, a really great adventure and fun way to spend the day. We are planning to go back very soon and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the property. Seriously, you probably wont cover all of it on your first visit. Go check it out! You can find the owner’s website with hours of operation here.

A Walk Inside Cartoon Network

A good friend of mine, David Holloway, works as one of the lead photographers in Turner‘s imaging department. He told me to come by the studio sometime and he would give me a tour of the work place, and Cartoon Network Studios as well! I wasn’t able to document everything I saw, but for the things I did record I put them in a little montage to share with you.


Just another awesome day in the life of a photographer. It feels awesome to know people like this!

Photo Phever

I’ve been on a bit of a photo fever these past few weeks. I have been shooting so much and I can’t get enough of it. Its exciting to feel this again and I’m loving it. Here are some of my favorite shots I’ve been working on.

kitty girl



To add to the fun shooting adventures I’ve had so far, I just put together a video testing out my new GoPro Hero 2 while I was shooting a wedding reception. The video is shot mostly in a first person perspective starring Kevin Groover and myself.

“Home” A New Series

I have been doing some exploring in my free time lately. Kind of getting back to the roots of what I used to do in my early years of college. Finding old, abandoned homes and exploring the interior. Some of the houses, inside and out, have this essence. Like there is a story behind everything and only the house is left standing to tell it. So, I’m starting  a new series called “Home”. The series will consist of images portraying whatever history the structures have lived through, while maybe giving us small insight to tell a story of  what happened. Here is an example below of one of the first images in the series.

(Unfinished Version)

Portfolio Updated!

Well now that things have settled down, I can start blogging again on a regular basis! A few things have changed. I now have my associate’s degree in Commercial Photography (hanging proudly in the office) and I am now working at Portrait Innovations in Duluth, GA. That is going well so far, Christmas apparently is expected to be a nightmare though.

Also, I have updated my online portfolio, provided by DeviantArt. I felt the basic images from my printed portfolio weren’t enough, so I’ve added some new pieces of work. You can check it all out by clicking the image below.

Well, that is all the news to add for now. More stuff to come later this week!

More Daily Dish

I’ve been advertising myself on a little bit, just to appeal to anyone needing pictures taken. A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a Mrs. Elliot. She needed graduation pictures of her son Terris. So we met up, discussed the shooting ideas and here is what turned out.

TerrisTerris is quite the talented young man. He is a pole vaulter, runs cross country and musically gifted with the guitar and piano.



It was a small job, but a delight to work on. Congrats to Terris on his graduation this weekend!
You can find more shots by clicking the images, taking you to my Flickr page.


My roommate Ryan just bought this gecko and wanted some new pictures to share. Here are some shots I took today.

Thumb Gecko

Point Gecko

Palm Gecko

Cutest reptile I’ve ever known. That little guy made a great subject to shoot.

Combat Photographers: The Bang Bang Club

So I saw this wicked awesome trailer for a new movie coming out this year.

The basic plot of  The Bang Bang Club revolves around the true life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa. I have always loved photojournalism, and this film seems like it has a thrilling story to tell. You can find more info on the movie on IMDB‘s page here.

I look forward to seeing this soon, and perhaps I’ll even write a little review about it when I do.


So, the first awesome snow of 2011 has hit us folks in Georgia. I’ve measured at least seven inches deep in my front yard!  Today I had a little snow walk and met some interesting friends along the way.

Over the Fence
This little dog was not used to such deep snow. I don’t think he was amused as I was.

Cold Shoulder
Many birds fought for a spot on the feeder. That little guy on the right didn’t receive a warm welcome.

Looks like this stuff will be here for quite a while. I intend to take more shots and see how the people of Georgia adapt to this southern, winter wonderland.

Jeff The Bridge

I cam across this lovely bridge in Jefferson, GA.

View Larger Map

This is probably my most complicated panorama yet. Although you see two bridges in this photo, in reality there is only one.


This shot is composed of two panoramas blended together. Each panorama is one side of the bridge. The lighting and tones seem to blend much better that I anticipated. I look forward to experimenting more with this technique.